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Irene Prantalos IVF AcupunctureSalubre Health Solutions is a friendly environment where people can get the advice and treatments they need to receive optimal care and assistance in achieving better health and fertility.
Salubre was founded by Dr Irene Prantalos in 2003 (formerly known as East Meets West Health). Her passion in Chinese Medicine all started when she was endlessly trying to find a way to heal her psoriasis. After 8 years of trying everything that came her way she tried Chinese Medicine. The choice was made from being desperate as a recent hospital stay managed to only aggravate her condition.

Two months after taking herbs her skin was normal. At that point she decided to find out more about Chinese Medicine and how she can help herself stay healthy without relying on others. This Lead to her completely a double degree in Human Biology and Chinese Medicine at RMIT University.

Upon finishing her clinical internship in China in 2002, Irene was eager to starting helping others achieve the great results she did. Initially it was hard emotionally to treat other psoriasis sufferers as she hadn’t yet overcome her own traumas. Based her realisation she decided to focus on helping women with fertility, pregnancy and other health concerns. As time passed she enjoyed helping couples conceive but deep down really wanted to help other psoriasis sufferers improve their life as she had done. Her passion in improving the health and appearance of various skin conditions lead Irene to develop her own organic skincare range.

Her own frustrations of not sourcing natural skincare that was safe to use without irritation while improving the health of her skin resulted in the birth of Salubre Cosmeceuticals.

Dr Irene Prantalos is well known as Melbourne’s go to Fertility acupuncture specialist and currently enjoys up to a 70% success rate with participating couples.

Irene also has excellent anti-ageing solutions, general health solutions, specialist well being acupuncture techniques and is a specialist in skin complaints and general skincare.Salubre is your local one stop shop for well being and improved health.

Dr Irene Prantalos
B.App.Sci (Chinese Medicine) – B.App.Sci (Human Biology) – Registered Practitioner of Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Vic and AACMA

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