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Irene’s legs around 18 years of age, being bedridden as every time she walked her feet would crack and bleed.

Salubre Health Solutions is not just another Chinese Medicine clinic, it’s a place you will find practitioners that are driven to help people live healthier and happier lives.

Salubre was founded by Dr Irene Prantalos in 2003 (formerly known as East Meets West Health). Irene was diagnosed with psoriasis at the age of 11. By 16 the psoriasis became erythrodermic and covered her ENTIRE body. Irene and her mother went EVERYWHERE and tried anything that claimed would help ease her psoriasis. After her second hospital visit and doctors told her she must go elsewhere as she was not responding to treatment, Irene tried Chinese Medicine.

“I was desperate and depressed but I did exactly as I was told – the result was MY SKIN CLEARED IN 2 MONTHS. Not cured but it gave me some relief, so i thought WHY???? Why did this work and so many other treatments didn’t. I needed to find out, and I was told by my practitioner that RMIT were starting a Chinese Medicine course very soon. So I quickly contacted them and the rest they say is history”

This Lead to her completely a double degree in Human Biology and Chinese Medicine at RMIT University. “I never thought I would ever help anyone else. I studied Chinese Medicine to understand why my psoriasis only seem to respond to this treatment and no other.”

Upon finishing her clinical internship in China in 2002, Irene was eager to start helping others achieve the great results she received. Initially it was hard emotionally to treat other psoriasis sufferers as she hadn’t yet overcome her own traumas. Based on this realisation, Irene decided to focus on helping women with fertility, pregnancy and other health concerns. As time passed she enjoyed helping couples conceive but deep down really wanted to help other psoriasis sufferers improve their life as she had done. Her passion in improving the health and appearance of various skin conditions lead Irene to develop her own natural skincare range.

Her own frustrations of not sourcing natural skincare that was safe to use without irritation while improving the health of her skin resulted in the birth of Salubre Cosmeceuticals.

Further to this Irene also formulated a range of products for people who are looking to manage symptoms associated with Eczema and Psoriasis, Salubre Therapeutics.

On this website you will find a number of resources that cover nutrition, lifestyle and skin care as Irene believes these are the fundamental aspects each person can improve themselves. Plus loads of videos and blog posts that share with you what Irene believes is important to attain optimal health and maintain it.

Be sure to click on the tab, What we do, to find out how Salubre can help you be the best version of YOU!

Irene also has excellent anti-ageing solutions, general health solutions, specialist well being acupuncture techniques and is a specialist in skin complaints and general skincare.Salubre is your local one stop shop for well being and improved health.

Dr Irene Prantalos
B.App.Sci (Chinese Medicine) and B.App.Sci (Human Biology) – Registered Practitioner of Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Vic and AACMA

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