Cosmetic Acupuncture

Salubre Cosmeceuticals is a new skin care range developed for facial rejuvenation by Dr Irene Prantalos (Chinese Medicine). Each range has been carefully formulated to assist a variety of skin types.

Facial rejuvenation acupuncture, also known as cosmetic acupuncture and acupuncture face lift, is a procedure that incorporates the ancient philosophy of acupuncture addressing modern desires to improve appearance. It aims to address the signs of ageing by local treatment as well as improve general well-being which may be compromised as we age.

Cosmetic Acupuncture is a great way to slow down the signs of ageing while improving the way you feel from the inside out. This anti ageing technique is suited to people who want to age gracefully by keeping their body healthy and fit. This technique is achieved through fine needles stimulating specific areas that need to be addressed to promote Qi to circulate and nourish the body. In addition, fine needles when inserted across wrinkles and furrows cause collagen formation in the affected area, which ultimately improves the depth of the wrinkles.

Benefits of Cosmetic Acupuncture:

  • Increase collagen production.
  • Helps eliminate and reduce bags under eyes, and decrease the tendency towards sagging and jowls.
  • Helps eliminate fine lines of the face and may reduce the effect of larger wrinkles.
  • Improves hormonal balance, therefore may assist in addressing hormonal acne.
  • Increases local circulation of blood and lymph to the face and so moisturizes skin and can improve facial colour.
  • Tightens pores.
  • Can reduce double chins.
  • Helps in lifting drooping eyelids.
  • Brightens the eyes.

Collagen Induction Therapy:

Collagen Induction Therapy also known as Skin Needling is a very simple process but has great results.

The benefits are acquired through the use of a Derma Roller. The derma roller is a small cosmetic tool that causes micro traumas on the skin to activate the skin’s natural healing process. This then leads to collagen and elastin to be deposited around the treated area resulting in a complex biochemical event of skin regeneration.

Additionally, Collagen Induction Therapy increases the absorption of cosmeceuticals by up to 1000% ( as shown in studies conducted in Europe), so it’s essential to only put great skincare on your skin while undergoing Collagen Induction Therapy. The skin regeneration process takes around 2 weeks so the treatments are spaced out fortnightly. A series of treatments is 6 in total (with the understanding some people’s individual needs may require them to do more or less).

Results can usually be seen after 6 weeks and individual variations exists due to various factors such as age, diet and lifestyle choices.

The maintenance program ensures the results are maintained to satisfaction as well as monitoring general health concerns ensuring well-being is maximized. At this point visits are monthly or bimonthly.

Each treatment incorporates:

  • Points on the body are first chosen that will generate and enhance general health and well-being.
  • Massaging the face gently with a Jade Roller :
    The jade stone has been used for many years as it exhibits anti-ageing benefits through its cooling effect on the skin. It also promotes circulation to the face to help with the positive effects of the anti-ageing acupuncture that is soon to follow.
  • Herbal application of anti-ageing herbs are applied prior to acupuncture so to synergistically improve the outcome of the acupuncture.
  • For Collagen Induction Therapy:
    A Derma Roller is used to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin around the face
  • For Cosmetic Acupuncture:
    Intra-dermal and fine facial needles are used to initiate the anti-ageing effects for problem areas such as wrinkles, furrows, jowls etc.

It’s important to understand ageing is a natural process but the speed in which it happens can be either accelerated or slowed down according to our general health, and dietary/lifestyle choices. With that in mind, many people opt to firstly address any health concerns that may impact the benefits received from such anti-ageing treatments.

Additionally, these treatments aren’t beneficial for smokers as the effect smoking has on ageing can’t be simply rectified by acupuncture while the person is still smoking. For this reason, it is advised the person be supported to give up smoking through our standard acupuncture consultations before starting the anti-ageing treatment protocol.


For Cosmetic Acupuncture/ Collagen Induction

  • Initial Consultations – $290
  • Subsequent Consultations- $240

6 treatment package – $1200 (save $290)

12 treatment package – $2400 (save $530)

Each package includes a complimentary Pearl Brilliance Beautifying Anti-Ageing Serum, valued at $72

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