TCM Practitioner Webinars

As TCM practitioners we are always looking at ways to create more depth in understanding the manifestation of diseases and how we can assist our patients to attain and maintain optimal health.

Having personally experienced a very challenging time in my teens and 20s, in trying to understand the why’s! Why has this psoriasis taken over my entire body, why wasn’t it responding to conventional medicine and why can’t anyone seem to help me?

Lucky for me a tried Chinese Medicine at the age of 19, and although not completely resolved, my path led me to truly understanding 2 very important aspects about the human body.

  1. What does the skin need to heal from a dis-eased state?
  2. What additional variables play a part in attaining healthy skin in addition to my treatment?

Many practitioners struggle to effectively treat skin disorders sue to their complex manifestation. I believe Chinese Medicine has provided us with invaluable treatments that along with dietary and lifestyle factors, we can really help guide our patients to optimal health.

These webinars delve deeply into understanding what you as a practitioner can do for your patient struggling with a skin disease and more importantly what your patient needs to do to encourage the healing process and live a life free of disease.

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