Salubrious Skin with Dr. Irene podcast is a health and wellness show dedicated to sharing ways you can improve the health of your skin. Irene Prantalos, a doctor of Chinese Medicine and one-time sufferer of severe erythrodermic psoriasis, will cover all skin presentations as well as sharing delicious recipes and lifestyle tips to help you beautify your skin. The show will bring you local and international experts to deliver the best advice in a practical way that will help you Feel Great in Your Skin. Health is a serious topic, but this show will be anything but serious. Irene’s energetic personality with a soft demeanour together with her expert guest, will keep you entertain and informed throughout the podcast.

“The vision for this podcast comes from my own belief and that is every person deserves to have healthy skin. It is also my belief that each of us has the ability to heal our skin through the choices we make; whether they are dietary, lifestyle and how we choose to attain better health.

Through the podcast, Salubrious Skin with Dr. Irene, I am passionate to improve the skin health of people troubled by sensitive skin issues whether those issues be acne, psoriasis, eczema or beyond.

Using my 30+ years of experience with psoriasis and my guests’ experiences in health, will help those afflicted with skin concerns to find a place of healing and compassion. We understand each person is on their own unique journey, and based on this journey their needs are personal for them.”


Episode 17: They put WHAT in my skincare?

Episode 17: They put WHAT in my skincare?

The skincare industry is highly saturated. We have organic, vegan, natural, toxic free, then you have the big brands in department store and so on. This can very overwhelming and hard to make a choice. There are 2 questions you need to answer when choosing a skincare...

Episode 14:  Part 3: Nutrition for Eczema

Episode 14: Part 3: Nutrition for Eczema

Eczema is a skin disease that is affected by an immune response to allergens and food intolerances. So what this means is that an allergen will create an immediate effect on the skin and possibly breathing, while food intolerances can initiate their effect within a...

Episode 11: That Sugar Film: So why is sugar so bad?

Episode 11: That Sugar Film: So why is sugar so bad?

Maddie Race has been a previous guest of the show and I welcome her back to talk about That Sugar Film. As the film’s ambassador, Maddie discloses some truths and debunks the myths around sugar. If you are struggling with ill health or an inflammatory condition or...

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